Okay down to the facts as Gary has provided from the log book.

First nite of work!  27 November 2002
3-1/2 hrs times 3 people = 10-1/2 man hours so far!
Sure glad we are not scratch building this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WEEK 2 - 4 Dec 2002

Nite 2 was not as joyous as the first.

Removed and replaced stringer on fuse formers F1 thru F7 as formers were not perfectly vertical and was afraid this might affect the nose plastic.

 Was collecting parts for the vertical/dorsal fin and found out we are missing formers on the vertical fin marked D1 thru D7 and dorsal fin D14 thru D19.  Will call cut cutter tomorrow and see what happens.

Discussed and studied Vertical & Horizontal Fin Construction.

Installed 3 pieces of fuse sheeting.  Boy 1/8 inch sheeting don't bend around that fuse real well.  By the third piece we started getting smarter and went on a little better.

Because of  a Christmas Party will not work next Wed night but think we can get together Tuesday
nite.  Hope next session has good news and goes better than tonight!!!!!!!!!


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